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Height: 5"2   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde



Meeting Ms. Leigh           |   Supporting   |   Dream With Me Prod. 

The First Circle                |     Featured     |   Mark C. Chapman

Amityville Vampire           |   Supporting   |   TomCat Films

The Beethoven Method   |   Supporting   |   Crawford Banks, WalkAway Pictures



Free (Pilot)                       |       Co-Star      |   Kyle Klubal/Cicely Gilkey Prod.

EDGE                               |       Lead         |   Anne Paquette, Cameron Poletti 

Carny Hallelujah              |        Lead         |   Anne Paquette, Cameron Poletti

 Melancholia                    |   Supporting    |   Wahkoowah Pheonix

The Weapons Chasers     |        Lead         |   Richard Randall​

Groups of Two                 |   Supporting    |   Bobby Slaski 

The Slender Dwarf           |    Featured      |   Project Blackfish Prod.

Web Series

Surprise You're a Vampire |   Guest Star    |  Jacov Velasco/Linda McDaniels


Theatre (Partial List)

Available Upon Request

Roswell                             |         Kat          |  Chris Berube, Black Box Studios

Training & Workshops

UCLA TFT-PP 2019   |   Acting on Camera   

Ruskin School of Acting   |   Meisner Techique   |   John Ruskin, Mike Myers

Upright Citizens Brigade   |   101-401 Improv   |   Mano Agapio, Jessica Elaina Eason, Ari Voukydis

Westside Comedy Theatre   |   1-3 Improv   |   Brian Irzyk, Rolland Lopez, Bryce Wiesal

Masterclass Workshop Intensive   |   Scene Study   |  Terry Knickerbocker

Scene Study & On-Camera Technique  |  Doug Warhit

Cold-Reading   |  David Wells, Katt Shea


Keep It Real Acting |  A-Z Commercial & Advanced Callback  Judy Kain, George Ketsios

Hey, I Saw Your Commercial  |  Levels 1 & 2   |  Mike Pointer

Vocal Lessons   |  Jennie Kwan, Stefani Little

Dance   |   Ziegler Dance, EDGE

Special Skills

Singing, Dancing, Yoga, Horse-back Riding, Improv, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Stunt Fighting.

Accents: Texas, New York. British, Cockney

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Theatrical, Voice-over


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